I have written to Walsall Council to express my dismay on behalf of residents of Aldridge-Brownhills at the latest unauthorised traveller encampment at Aldridge Airport.

The latest traveller incursion at Aldridge Airport is yet another in a series of unauthorised encampments over the summer which have caused un-doubted nuisance and distress to local residents.

I am now calling for answers from Walsall Council on why after four previous incursions on Aldridge Airport the latest encampment was able to access the site due to an open security gate.

The Council must now answer simple questions on why they are letting down local residents from across our area. After this summer residents from across Aldridge-Brownhills are understandably at breaking point and enough really is enough.

I have repeatedly raised the issue in Parliament and as a result of persistent lobbying Parliamentary time has now been secured to debate these important matters and the detrimental effect it is having on our local communities on the 9th and 12th October.