Along with local Aldridge Cllrs Tim Wilson and Bobby Bains, I have once again met with residents affected by the latest proposal from Three for a 5G mast on the corner of Tynings Lane and Birmingham Road.
Residents are understandably shocked and dismayed to see yet another planning application for a 15 metre high pole and associated cabinets, which would tower over homes in Tynings Lane.
An earlier planning application was rejected by Walsall Council last summer, yet the new proposal shows minimal regard or understanding of the previous concerns of residents, and very little change to the original proposal.
Whilst there is a need for 5G communications, I am urging a rethink, and will be submitting my objections to this proposal as I did to the previous.
Further details are available here:
Residents have until 9th March 2023 to submit their comments and objections. I will be doing so too.