Last week the Health Secretary announced that the Government will undertake the most comprehensive flu vaccination programme in UK history. As part of planning for this winter we will be rolling out the vaccination programme, as we work to protect vulnerable people and support the NHS through the coming months.

This winter people aged 50 to 64 will be invited for a vaccination. It will also be available to people who are on the shielded patient list and members of their household, all school year groups up to Year 7, pregnant women and those with pre-existing conditions. In total, more than 30 million people will be eligible to receive the flu jab.

The most at-risk groups will be offered the vaccine first, and once this is well underway, we will work with clinicians to decide when to open the programme to invite people aged 50 to 64. Our planning this summer will make us more equipped in the winter to help continue to drive down the risks of Covid-19.