I was pleased to see recent economic data shows that wages have risen at their fastest pace in 11 years as employment continues to stand at an all- time high and unemployment is at its lowest since 1974.

More people than ever before have the security of a regular pay packet, wages are continuing to rise faster than prices meaning people’s pay goes further and as a Government we are working hard to ensure more higher paid jobs. Across Aldridge-Brownhills unemployment has consistently fallen and stands 49% lower than in April 2010.

This is welcome news and we should also recognise the role of local employers and businesses in helping to achieve this.

There is still more to do, but we are continuing to create a stronger and fairer economy and with new spending commitments to fast track more money to our NHS, deliver 20,000 new Police Officers and increase funding for education we are now reaping the benefits of the hard work to rebalance our economy.