Walking into Parliament it has been really interesting to watch the progress of the restoration of Elizabeth Tower, especially as the scaffolding and covers have been removed to reveal the clock faces of Big Ben.

Big Ben will once again ring out from the Elizabeth Tower later this year, after work concludes in the Belfry and the gantry is removed from the tower. The restoration of Elizabeth Tower is due to be completed this summer.

There has also been an excellent exhibition in Parliament celebrating the restoration of Elizabeth Tower, explaining the conservation of the Elizabeth Tower and telling the story of how staff from across Parliament and contractors from across the nation came together to save one of the best loved buildings in the world.

Many hundreds of specialist craftspeople from across the UK have contributed to the project, using traditional trades which reflect our proud architectural heritage as well as some of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Having been in Parliament and heard Big Ben ring for the last time before restoration commenced, I am looking forward to hearing Big Ben ring again later in the year when the restoration concludes.