I was delighted yesterday to host a debate in Westminster Hall on preserving our Green Belt and advancing a ‘Brownfield First’ development policy.
Colleagues from across the political divide came to support my debate and I was pleased that there was so much political consensus.
I remain convinced that with space for more than 1.2 million homes on brownfield sites we owe it to the next generation of homeowners and future generations to get on with building on these sites whilst preserving our current Green Belt.
I am ambitious for our local area, and I want to see more homes, I want to see young people having the advantages I had to buy my first family home in my twenties. However, I want to see homes built in the right places and to a high standard.
I was grateful for the support I received in Westminster Hall yesterday and I will continue to campaign on this important issue for all my Aldridge-Brownhills constituents.
Protect our Precious Green Belt by having a building strategy which prioritises a ‘Brownfield First’ development policy.