Below is the text of my electronic submission to the Boundary Commission as part of my reply to their consultation process on boundary changes.

As the Member of Parliament for Aldridge-Brownhills, I would first like to thank the Boundary Commissioners for the time they have expanded in conducting the 6th Periodic Review of Westminster Constituencies.

The decision of the Boundary Commissioners to keep the Aldridge-Brownhills Constituency intact and expand the Constituency to encompass the Bloxwich East and West Wards is welcomed. I fully accept that the Boundary Commission needed to look at ways in which to expand the Aldridge-Brownhills Constituency and add to its current electorate.

At the same time, as a Member of Parliament in touch with people from across Walsall, I note that proposals are also supported by the current Councilors for Bloxwich West and they have supported the addition of these wards within the current Aldridge-Brownhills Constituency.

Whilst recognising the difficult job the Boundary Commission have undertaken I would like to welcome your proposals for the proposed Aldridge-Brownhills and Bloxwich Constituency and the wider Walsall area as they have successfully sought to unite areas of interest and community ties for the benefit of the wider electorate.


Following from this I spoke during a Private Members Bill debate highlighting the need to rebalance constituency electorates and to reduce the democratic deficit that now exists.