As I have reported here on Facebook, a number of residents have contacted me very recently concerned about the For Sale sign/Development opportunity hoarding that has appeared on Green Belt near Streetly Crematorium traffic Island.

Last weekend I therefore invited Mayor Andy Street to the site to join me in reaffirming our commitment locally to our Green Belt and Open Spaces. Whilst recognising it is the right of every landowner to put their property on the market, like many constituents I too was surprised to see the For Sale sign use the term “Strategic Development Land”. Residents continue to contact me as they are understandably concerned that this will lead to an automatic right of development on what is part of the precious Green Belt that runs through my Aldridge-Brownhills constituency.

I continue to reassure residents that there is no planning proposal, but I have written to Walsall Council about this sign being placed on the site. Rest assured that If speculative developers seek to obtain development for this site or on any part of our Green Belt Mayor Andy Street and I will be opposing it.

I continue to keep a very close eye on this matter and will continue to update residents, but let me reiterate I will do everything in my power to stop any development on our Green Belt and Open Spaces.