Following repeated reports of an on-going odour problem by constituents living and working adjacent to the Highfields Landfill Site between Shelfield and Walsall Wood I have now spoken with the Environment Agency. 

I have been assured that following a site visit by The Environment Agency on Friday (20th December) and the detected odour they are now working with the operator to carry out a number of maintenance actions.

The Environment Agency have also assured me that in addition to actions taken at the end of last week they will be continuing to work with the operator to: –¬†

  • Review the odour management and gas management plans
  • Discussing further waste acceptance procedures¬†
  • We are planning a campaign in the local area to address the concerns of local residents.

I am pleased that the Environment Agency has taken on board the views of residents and are seeking to take some immediate action to address the odour problem.

  1. I will continue to lobby The Environment Agency to ensure that this issue is resolved.