Summer recess would not be complete without what has become something of an annual diary event for me in recent years, and one I enjoy immensely – that is a visit to the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme

This year was no exception and at my recent visit to one of the excellent programmes running this summer at Manor Farm Community Association in Rushall, I had the opportunity to meet the young people and see them planning their social action projects which they will then go on to deliver in conjunction with local community partners across Walsall Borough.

I have long been a supporter of NCS, and through their participation in the programme young people are able to join together and address the issues that they are passionate about. The programme helps equips them with the skills they need, whilst giving them opportunities to meet new people and experience new challenges.

Throughout my visit to the NCS I was impressed by the enthusiasm for the scheme and just how proud everyone was of the work they had done so far and the skills they were developing.

Once again I was pleased to see the benefit of NCS on our doorstep this year.