Last week’s economic figures show that employment remains at a record high and unemployment at a 40-year low giving families the security of a good job and more money in their pockets thanks to another month of rising wages.

As we embark on our future outside the EU, we are delivering on people’s priorities and helping families with the cost of living through lower taxes, higher wages and more well-paid jobs – including by giving the National Living Wage its largest cash boost ever from this April.

On March 11th we will present the first budget since the general election and we will set out our plans to repay the trust people have placed in us – levelling up and unleashing the country’s potential, ushering in a decade of renewal.
This is welcome news and we should also recognise the role of local employers and businesses in helping to achieve this.
Wages are rising faster than prices which is good news, but there is more to do on our path to create a stronger and fairer economy for the benefit of everyone.