It was an absolute pleasure to take part in Desert Island Discs Streetly style at All Saints Parish Church, Streetly at the launch of the ‘Friends of All Saints Church’.

In true Radio 4 style I picked my eight soundtracks, a book and a luxury item for my time as a ‘castaway’ and in interview with Streetly’s very own version of Kirsty Young in the form of Mike Garrett. I was put through my paces for 45-minutes as we strolled through my music and literary choices while discussing my career and role as your Member of Parliament.

Music – My 8 Music Choices

Abba – Dancing Queen

I grew up to the music of Abba! I have seen the film Mamma Mia several times, been to the musical twice. Abba is often the music of choice in my car and as I confessed on set as a youngster, together with my sister, I regularly listened to the song whilst singing along into our hairbrushes!!

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

I just love his music.

Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

This music always reminds me of running in the Yorkshire Dales and training for the Great North Run.

Andre Rieu – Ballade pour Adeline

I love the music of Andre Rieu. This piece of music is just beautiful. On my list of things to do is to go to a concert in Maastricht.

Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

This music always reminds me of living in the North East of England and the music of Dire Straits always reminds me of days of going to Newcastle United matches and sitting on the terraces. We collected all the Dire Straits albums and we were lucky enough to hear Mark Knopfler in concert. Brothers in Arms is just one of many favourites.

Les Miserables – Do you hear the people sing

Les Mis is one of the most dramatic and powerful films and stage shows I have ever seen. Event Pic

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

This always reminds me of summers spent running volunteer social action projects in Africa – and sitting back on the long-haul flight after an energetic, exhausting but always rewarding, few weeks of social action.

Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah

I think the lyrics to this song are amazing and the music incredible.


In true Desert Island Discs style I was presented with the Complete Works of Shakespeare and a Bible and my own choice was Bess of Hardwick by Mary Lovell. When I have time to read anything other than Parliamentary papers – I enjoy Mary Lovell’s work. History, a bit of politics and insight into the life and times of some interesting individuals.

Luxury Item

I was invited to choose one luxury item which would not allow me to escape the island or communicate with others. Whilst I chose a Bottle of white wine to make the most of relaxing in the peaceful island surrounding, and quietly reading my book I discovered it was a forbidden item as it was viewed it could be used to send a rescue message in bottle! So in true style I opted for a box of wine instead!

Thank You

I would like to thank the Reverend Mandy Walker for inviting me to take part in their own version of Desert Island Discs. It was a thoroughly fun evening and I enjoyed every moment of being a castaway even the moment that the presenter tried to confiscate my luxury item!! Thank you to All Saints Parish Church for inviting me to be their first castaway on their very own version of Desert Island Discs.