I am always happy to bang the drum for British farming and highlight the important contribution to the economy, jobs, the environment and communities that farming, food and the drinks industry make.

Farming in the West Midlands helps contribute around £800 million to our economy and as well as providing safe, traceable and affordable food, farmers also have a vital role managing the countryside.

That is why prior to the summer Parliamentary recess I pledged to support the NFU West Midlands Home-grown Heartland Campaign to ensure our decisions in Parliament reflect the strategic importance of regional food and farming to the nation.

Therefore it was a pleasure at the end of last week to join one of our local farmers, David Lane from Sandhills and see combining in action and play a small part in bringing in the harvest.

I am always pleased to support the NFU and our farming industry and I will continue to champion their achievements and take pride in the very valuable contribution they give to our local area and our economy.