Residents will have read that Dudley Borough Council have decided to withdraw from the Black Country Plan consortium.
Following this decision Walsall Council Cabinet have confirmed that that they will now pursue a local plan for Walsall.
The Cabinet will be receiving an update at their meeting on 14th December.
I will be writing to the Cabinet in advance of their meeting to reinforce the views of my constituents from across Aldridge-Brownhills that more work has to be done to identify brownfield sites across the Borough so that we can protect our precious Green Belt and Open Spaces.
Throughout all the consultations on the Black Country Plan I have opposed the development of our Green Belt and I will continue to do so.
Like all residents across my constituency we want to see appropriate development on appropriate sites.
I firmly believe that there are a number of brownfield sites across Walsall which would help kick start development of the new homes that we need whilst protecting our Green Belt for the benefit of all future generations across our Borough.
I will continue to keep residents updated.