It was a pleasure to be invited to the Open Day at Aristocats Cattery in Rushall when they were hosting a ‘Homing Day’ for the Walsall Borough Cats Protection.  For me it was an opportunity to hear at first-hand the difference that the work of the charity and its volunteers are making to find new homes for abandoned cats and kittens from across our local area, as well as to visit this local business.   It was also good to be able to chat to Jane Meeke at Aristocats and hear how she supports the work of the charity as well as volunteers Joan Hawes and Val Turner.

My visit to Aristocats happened to coincide with the Government’s announcement at the weekend of plans to increase the penalties for the worst acts of animal cruelty. Maximum sentences for animal cruelty are due to be increased tenfold from six months to five years.  It seems only right that those people who commit the most shocking cruelty against animals face suitably tough punishments.

The great work being undertaken by both Aristocats and the Walsall Borough Cats Protection will only be strengthened by these proposed changes in the law, all of which confirms our status as a national of animal lovers.