Since being elected in May 2017 as our first West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street has been standing up for our region helping to boost investment, productivity and obtain new funding to upgrade our infrastructure.

I was pleased to be with Andy at the weekend as he laid out his vision for a second term as our Mayor. Locally he will continue to work with me across Aldridge-Brownhills to defend our precious Green Belt and put forward a Brownfield First option, pursue the possibility of reopening a station in Aldridge and look at new and innovative ways to invest in our High Streets and Village Centres.

There are real differences to be seen across our local communities as a result of Andy’s leadership and we are seeing pride restored in our region which is undoubtedly improving our standing as a region on the national and international stage.

As Andy made clear at the weekend whilst there are proud achievements to point to over the last two and a half years there remains much more to do and I will to continue to support him as our Mayor.