I was pleased to see figures released last week showing that the number of people in work is at a record high. Across my constituency the number of people who are unemployed has now fallen by 59% since 2010.

With employment at a record high, unemployment at a 40-year low and wages rising faster than prices that means greater job security for families across our local area.

The Government’s balanced approach to rebuilding our economy is providing more security to businesses and greater wage security to families ensuring we build an economy that works for everyone.

Only last week our region received a huge boost as the Government announced a £45 million skills deal for the West Midlands.

This is money which will be put towards digital and technology training, improving job opportunities and supporting more young people and adults into work. There will also be opportunities for upskilling and training which is also to be welcomed. It is important that we continue to invest and develop the skills for today and the future