Today, Wendy Morton MP presented four bills to Parliament in a bid to raise matters of concern to her constituents.

When Parliament is sitting on a Friday there are a limited number of opportunities for Presentation Bills once the Private Members Bill slots have been allocated. These are distributed on a first come first served basis for backbench MP’s

With this in mind and having led a small number of fellow MP’s on the ‘Night Watch’ queue for Bill slots outside the Public Bill Office, Wendy was number 2 in the queue and secured four slots

The recent killing of young swans by a car at Swan Pool, Stubbers Green highlighted the risks involved when nature reserves and Sites of special Scientific Interest are bordered by busy roads.

This inspired Wendy to bring forward her Local Authority Road (Wildlife Protection) Bill.

The Highway works Bill aims to reduce the impact of road works on specified roads at weekends and bank holidays and reduce traffic light controls on completion has also been introduced.

The other two bills are the Crown Tenancies Bill and the Local (Public Access to documents) Audit Bill.