I was pleased to join the Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, Sarah John, in Parliament recently to find out more about the new £20 note – the Bank’s most secure note yet.

I was delighted to be among the first to see the new £20 note and learn more about its security features. I would recommend that businesses in our area and anyone who regularly handles cash takes a look at the Bank of England’s website to find out how to check banknotes so that they know what to expect when the new note enters circulation later this week.

The new £20 is an important part of the Bank of England’s commitment to providing banknotes that people can use with confidence and hopefully the public will look forward to spending their new £20s which feature the much renowned artist James Turner.

Residents from across Aldridge-Brownhills will begin to see the new notes from Thursday as they are stocked in ATMs and tills.

More information about the new £20 note can be found at www.thenew20.co.uk