The proposed transfer of police powers from the Police and Crime Commissioner to the West Midlands Mayor is a significant step towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how our policing system in the region is controlled.

It will allow for a more integrated approach to policing and crime prevention, ensuring that the needs of the community are better served. By linking the roles of the Mayor and the PCC decision-making processes can be more streamlined and resources used more effectively.

This proposal also presents an opportunity to save our police station in Aldridge. The transfer of powers to the Mayor will enable a more co-ordinated approach to policing across this side of the Walsall Borough and will help to ensure that vital services such as the police station in Aldridge are retained, which I continue to campaign on.

It is a proposal I support. If you have a couple of minutes to fill this survey out, then please do! We can all work towards a safer and more secure future for our area.