Local police stations are at the very heart of responsive community policing and that’s why I am extremely disappointed and frustrated, that Mr Foster our newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner continues to pursue the proposal of his predecessor to close Aldridge Police Station. This is completely unacceptable to me as your Member of Parliament. People right across my constituency want to feel safe and want to see police officers out on the street tackling crime.
At a time when we have secured millions of pounds of extra police funding from the Government, it would be wrong that residents in our local communities would be left without any policing base.
I have therefore called upon the PCC to abandon this plan and to keep Aldridge Police Station open.
Your support and views on this would be greatly appreciated and the PCC is directing us to his “Call for Evidence”.
I urge residents to submit your views to this Call for Evidence that asks what the PCC priorities should be for policing and criminal justice. Full details of this and where you can submit your thoughts can be found here: Your New Police and Crime Plan – West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner (westmidlands-pcc.gov.uk)” Alternatively please do email or write to me with your views.