I am absolutely delighted that my Private Members Bill, which is titled the NHS (Charitable Trusts) Etc Bill, but more commonly known in my office as the Peter Pan and Wendy Bill, successfully passed Report Stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons on Friday 22nd January.

It is an important Bill because it will enable the new independent Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to continue to receive crucial Royalties from the Peter Pan stories which were bequeathed to the hospital by JM Barrie. It also removes the requirement for the Secretary of State for Health to appoint trustees of NHS charities, thus reducing the involvement of the Department of Health in NHS charities, something which will provide the organisations with clear independence and more freedom to grow and flourish.

The work and influence of Great Ormond Street Hospital stretches way beyond Greater London, and NHS Charities across the country more generally, including Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, do fantastic work supporting patients, families and staff at so many of our NHS hospitals. Much of this goes unheralded and they deserve our support and recognition.

The Bill now continues its journey through Parliament to the House of Lords where I hope it receives a safe passage and then goes on to receive Royal Assent.