Last week I was informed that the Black Country Core Strategy public consultation was being postponed until 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like many of you I remain critical of the proposed strategy as it poses a huge threat to our precious Greenbelt and Open Spaces across my Aldridge-Brownhills constituency.

I question its whole approach to housebuilding not least of all as a result of the continued success of our West Midland Mayor Andy Street to successfully secure a £100 million in funding for brownfield regeneration and a further £84 million in only the last few weeks.

Andy Street’s approach to have a brownfield first policy meaning a further 7,500 more homes can be built ensures we build the homes we need whilst protecting the green lungs of our open spaces for future generations.

I will continue to stand up for our precious Greenbelt and Open Spaces and I will continue to monitor the actions of the Black Country Core Strategy.