We all have a personal responsibility to tackle and understand the problem of knife crime.
This week is Knife Crime Awareness Week. Tragically in the 12 months leading up to March 2022, 99 young people under 25 were murdered with a knife or sharp object.
This week highlights the complexity of the problem, the devastation that it causes to families and communities and ultimately that knife crime is preventable. I am also pleased that Walsall Police through their campaign #OpSpectre are this week intensifying their efforts to reduce knife crime and remove weapons from our streets.
Locally The James Brindley Foundation works tirelessly to protect and support young people at risk of engaging in criminal behaviour. Their work in our local area is invaluable in helping us to understand this ongoing problem.
As part of this year’s Knife Awareness Week I would like to thank Mark and Bev Brindley and the Foundation for all their hard work.