I have written to Walsall Council to object to the unacceptable proposition to vary a planning consent for a Natural Burial Ground at Winterley Lane, Rushall which will increase the proposed number of burials by over 700% only a few months after receiving approval.

Walsall Council originally consented to a Natural Burial Ground at Winterley Lane in Rushall, where there would be 50 burials per year, given the limited access to the site and recognising the concerns of local residents.

Within the space of only months there have been two proposed variations to the planning consent, the latest of which would allow 365 burials a year, representing a 700% increase. This also means an increase in traffic movement of over 700% at a site that has limited access.

This variation is completely unacceptable.  It is not a well-meaning proposition. It is a commercial venture seeking to usurp the planning system.

I am extremely concerned about this proposal.  I have written to Walsall Council to express my concerns about this completely unnecessary planning variation that will have a detrimental impact on local residents living within the vicinity of this site and I will continue to work with local Councillors to keep residents informed.

Residents have until Wednesday 3 July to object to this proposal and they can do so on Walsall Council‘s website https://go.walsall.gov.uk/planning