I was very disappointed to hear that HSBC is closing its branch in Brownhills – especially as it leaves us with no bank on the High Street.

Having been in contact to seek a meeting with them later this month I wrote to them to raise the matter as I am concerned about the impact their decision will have on account holders and local businesses in Brownhills and the surrounding area.

Knowing of the difficulties for some people in travelling to Lichfield I can’t understand why accounts are being automatically transferred to the Lichfield branch and why customers are not being given the chance to move their accounts to Aldridge.

When you consider that during office hours, the 937 bus runs from Brownhills to Aldridge, every half an hour. Whereas it requires two bus journeys to Lichfield from Brownhills.

If this closure affects you and you have an issues you wish me to raise with HSBC please let me know.