You will remember last summer we fought the original Black Country Core Strategy and hundreds of you joined me in submitting concerns to these proposals. Whilst we await the review on this original plan I was dismayed to learn that last month a further 685 homes being proposed right on our doorstep across 2 Green Belt sites on the border between Aldridge and Streetly.
Since becoming your Member of Parliament I have remained committed to campaigning to protect our precious Green Belt and Open Spaces. Like you I believe that our Green and Open Spaces define who we are as a community, and I will continue to stand up and defend the benefit that the Green Belt brings to residents.
The two extra sites added under this proposal brings the total to at least 6,000 homes now being proposed across Aldridge-Brownhills.
Not enough work has been undertaken to examine imaginatively how we use more brownfield sites, and this plan to concrete over great swathes of our Green Belt can not be justified.
I also remain concerned that my constituency is being expected to do the heavy lifting to provide thousands of these proposed new homes with no consideration or planning for infrastructure.
Currently there is to be a further round of consultation on these extra sites and it is extremely important that residents right across Aldridge-Brownhills continue to make their views known.
I am urging you to feed in your views…
You can read more about the plan by visiting :
You can email your comments to or
Write to them at: Planning Policy, Walsall MBC, The Civic Centre, Darwall Street, WS1 1DG
Or you can write to me and share your concerns with me, and I will submit them alongside my own response.
The deadline for submissions is 5th September 2022 at 5pm.