The Russian attack on Ukraine is an unprovoked and anti-democratic act of aggression and alongside my Aldridge-Brownhills constituents I am appalled by the conduct of Putin’s expansionist regime.
It has been impossible to see the images and hear the stories from Ukraine and not feel sadness, anger and a desire to help and support our Friends.
Last week in Parliament I was honoured to be able to hear the address by President Zelenskyy. In his address to MPs President Zelenskyy demonstrated heroism to protect the values of Ukraine and the western world.
We will use the might of our country to impose the toughest set of economic sanctions ever to be placed on the Russian regime. The UK and its NATO allies are all clear in their objective, Putin must fail.
At the same time our country is opening its borders to Ukrainian refugees to help rehouse and settle them and give them protection from Putin’s war.
If you are able to assist then please visit