This week saw the State Opening of Parliament and the Queens Speech setting out the Government’s new legislative programme.  A very important day in the Parliamentary calendar.

The Government has set out an ambitious and wide ranging legislative programme which I welcome, and that focusses on ensuring we are an open, global and free trading country.

As a nation in June 2016 we voted in the EU Referendum for a better future for our country. By getting Brexit done we can finally end uncertainty and start to seize the opportunities created by Brexit.

With a new Agriculture Bill to equip our farmers, a Fisheries Bill to reclaim our territorial waters and an Immigration Bill to end free movement and deliver a new and fair immigration system we can ensure that we build a brighter future in a post Brexit Britain.

But it is not all about Brexit and with new legislation to reform our NHS including faster access to innovative medicines, proposals to fix adult social care and modernisation and reform of the Mental Health Act we can build a truly fit for purpose national health service.

The Queen’s Speech also ensures fairness and protection for individuals and families with a Domestic Abuse Bill to offer greater protection for victims and a Sentencing Bill to tackle violent crime, strengthen the criminal justice system and ensure victims receive the support they need and the justice they deserve. 

The Government will also legislate for a landmark Environment Bill so that we protect our planet for future generations by tackling air pollution and single use plastics, whilst ensuring greater protection for animal welfare.

The Queen’s Speech sets out an ambitious domestic agenda, focusing on core priorities which affect the day to day lives of families’ right across Aldridge-Brownhills.