I am delighted to invite you to my first Aldridge-Brownhills Seniors’ Fair which will be taking place on Friday 6th September between 10am – 1pm at the Aldridge Community Centre.

At the fair I will be opening the doors to organisations, community groups, advice services and charities tailored to those who are seeking to retire, or who are already retired. The aim of the fair is to introduce you to support, voluntary and active services as well as a range of organisations that are on offer locally. This is the first event of its kind here in our local area and the response has been phenomenal.

There are more than 40 organisations from across our area who have registered to showcase the services that they offer locally. By bringing all of these local organisations together I do hope my Seniors’ Fair will act as a one stop shop enabling you to access a range of services.

The Seniors’ Fair is a free event so why not take the opportunity to come along, enjoy a free cup of tea, perhaps meet new people and browse amongst the array of interesting stalls.