Since being elected in 2015 I have been campaigning to reopen Aldridge Station. I was therefore delighted to meet with West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street and Walsall Council Leader Councillor Mike Bird and welcome the recent feasibility study about the possibility of linking Aldridge to Walsall and Birmingham with a new station.

This has been an issue which regularly appears in my post bag and is one which residents raise on the doorstep with me. Creating connectivity from Aldridge to Walsall and the wider rail network and beyond can only be a positive thing for our local economy and will increase our transport options.

I am now pleased to see that initial feedback is that this is viable subject to funding and some technical challenges and I am keen to encourage work to continue on this. A station in Aldridge would be a great asset for all the residents and I am look forward to continuing to work with Andy to try and make it happen.