We all know that our Green Belt and Green Spaces are facing a serious threat as we witness large sections of land disappear under new developments.

Since I was first elected as your Member of Parliament I have championed the protection of our precious Green Belt as I believe it is a defining characteristic of our local area.

I have also advocated a ‘Brownfield First’ approach to development and during the last three years I have worked closely with West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street to ensure the first call on housing is on brownfield sites.

I was very pleased therefore when Andy announced his Green Belt Pledge last week to protect and preserve our Green Belt for the next decade. At the same time Andy is also fighting our corner to ensure we receive a further £200 million of Government funding to clean up derelict and contaminated sites across the Black Country releasing more brownfield sites for development.

Andy Street’s Green Belt Pledge will be welcomed by residents right across Aldridge-Brownhills as we reject the notion that our local area should be subsumed into a ‘Greater Birmingham’. Our Green Belt is not only precious, it matters to all of us and as your Member of Parliament and with Andy Street as our Mayor we will continue to defend it.